Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcoming Winter 2011-12 Season

So we are now entering our 4th year in Ice604 for KBI and 3rd year for BSB. A far cry from KBI's first year record of 0-14 or KBR 0-22, KBI is now a fairly competitive low tier team. Its gone to the finals several times in a very close three game series.
BSB has not had the elite success of KBI but in its first year it managed 1 or 2 wins at least. BSB has been and still is marketed as the non-competitive team of our organization. Since its beginning BSB has always had a high turnover rate. Not sure if it is because of its lack of organization or lack of skill. But its a team that I dont want to get involved in its daily operations.
As we head into the 2011-12 season, strangely both teams had to be pretty much rebuilt from scratch as very limited players opted to return. Carefully selecting players that would fit on either team, hopefully will bring a more competitive edge to BSB. With 2 weeks until the season starts everything finally has fallen into place as we begin a new journey in Ice604 with new roster for both teams.

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