Saturday, November 5, 2011

League Realignment

So two months after the beginning of the season they have realigned (retiered) most teams in the league. So instead of 7 tiers, there are now 10.
BSB and KBI both got tiered down. As expected BSB is now in the bottom tier 10 of 10. KBI made a huge jump and was tiered down from tier 5 down to 9 of 10. This should be very interesting how it comes out.


 I am pretty sure BSB should be pretty comfortable in tier 10 and things should settle down for them. Even though now they win and fair competitive in some games.


Having been blown out in every single game all season long there was no choice but for the league to tier them down. I am quite surprised they went down that low as the league was stopping them from being in the low tiers due to who was on the roster. But performance shows that the ringers are really only 3-4 players out of 13. So the new few games should be interesting how things turn out for them.

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