Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Season...

Jerseys are ordered and rosters are full. Its showtime!! One week until Winter season starts for all 3 leagues. CareBears are playing the Canucks in their season opener.  As for the beginnings of late night winter hockey, Ice604 has already screwed up by putting our teams into the wrong tiers. We've been in the league since 2007 I dont get how they can screw up the teams. BSB is always the lower tier..good god! anyways I just gonna swap their ice time as by the time I try to get authorization from the league it would be last minute. The two teams are pretty much completely rebuilt from scratch and I dont want the new guys to get a bad impression our organization. But of course I did tell them the disclaimer that Ice604 is known to change / screw up the schedule now and then. Just hope this is not an indication of the season as they are expanding into Coquitlam a new "beginner" league. Not sure what the deal is with that but we'll see.

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