Monday, September 12, 2011

Season Opener Weekend


First team to play is BSB. I never met any of the players except for two skaters and the goalie, so as soon as I walked in there was a feeling on unknown in the locker room. But there was a lot of chatter which was a good sign and Jho was already there taking the directive. So we had no idea the skill level for the guys but i expected them to be pretty noob.

We ended up playing Sue-Ann Hoang, the screaming banshee and her ringer team. No matter what team, I didnt expect BSB to put up much of a fight based on the team we had.  But one thing is for sure they seem like to be a pretty good group of guys personality wise. There's definitely a lot of work but its gonna be fun.


Okie, so I didnt get a picture of the CareBears. But being the first game we played was against the Curvy Canucks, there was so much pink on the ice it was quite blinding...haha
Half the team was returning and half was new. It was also nice to see some of the "winter" players like Toresa and Rosie come back. The new players were really nice and Andrea was such a chatter box it was quite funny. We didnt win but there definately is potential. No player was a blatant noob. Which is unlike BSB. My girls can actually stay on their feet and the guys cant. Relatively uneventful game. Reffing was decent nothing much to complain about.


Finally the beloved KBI team hits the ice as the final of the three teams. Pretty much a new team so not sure what to expect. The team they were playing had some pretty strong players and some weak ones. Probably the same as KBI. I know there's some pretty good players but also there's a few guys who havent really played much before too. So it should be quite interesting.

I didnt play this one so I watched, and evaluated the team for the first period. Although they had better players overall (Brendan and Trevor didnt play this game), the majority of their team werent very good and I have not seen so many GUYS fall over in a hockey game. Even the CareBears didnt fall over at all. But the new guys are very friendly and I could see how i can work with this team to be a bit competitive. Just need to find a way to cover for the weaker guys. I suppose we do need to get some guys out to drop in hockey.

So that's it for another hockey filled weekend. Game 1 of 28.

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