Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 2 Games

This week played a bit better as both CBI and KBI won their games this week and the teams seemed to be a bit more comfortable.

KBI took their game 7-3 vs my friend's team MTB. The difference was probably that we had two very strong players, Trevor and Brendan that showed up in addition to some not so bad players in Phil, Doug and Callum. But otherwise definitely they were a better team than we were skill-wise. KBI team this season has a full range of skill within the roster from some very very skilled players to some that are just literally starting to ice skate. So its going to be a matter of who shows up each game to determine how well they do.

As for CBI, we all know how different women's hockey can be. Half the gals are new to the team but at least they all came with some kind of experience whether it be from drop in hockey, learn to skate or other leagues outside of BC. Its definitely a stronger than than we had over the summer. And so far everyone seems to be making friends and getting a long so it looks like we going to have a good year. The game was a good game as both teams were very well matched and only one goal was scored by Tracey off a rebound.
Our annual Apex trip has been secured with everyone going is from the team (or has been part of the team in one part or another in the past). Cant wait.

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