Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 4

This is to the point where, I stopped playing and showing up to games and all summaries of games are based on information passed on by informants within each team


Apparently they lost the game due to either no shows by notable players or the fact that I had to swap the goalies between BSB by the request of Wynne so he could make the game. Im not saying my BSB goalie is that bad but Wynne definitely looks better on record. I believe that the final score was 4-1 or something like that..which isnt TOO bad..compared what happened to BSB in week 3.


Coming off a 12-0 loss to the Knights in week 3, we would expect BSB to fair better as the league hopefully retiered the opponents. Thanks to Wynne and services of Phil, BSB won their first game of the season by a margin of 4-1 in a well played game that even Louisa got a goal~ Way to go girl!

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