Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 5

The league still has not done any realignment and our teams along with another team that I am closely affiliated with are clearly being outplayed in the existing tiers. It is just ridiculous that the league bases tiering on the records of the past season. Most teams that I know of change their rosters from season to season significant enough that the skill level can have a profound effect.

BSB surely belongs in the lowest tier possible as it is the weakest team skill-wise that i have seen in its 3 years of existence. But this time around the guys are all great guys to have on the team. We used to have a few sour apples on the team and with them gone its been a great environment to play in.

KBI is potentially a slightly better skilled team than BSB but there are few newbie players that bring down the skill level of the team. It comes down to who shows up to the game. There are a few key players that can make it or break it for the team. The average skill of the team is much more of a lower skill than a mid-term team.

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