Friday, June 15, 2012

Journal #2 - Building on the Social Layer

Priebatsch talks about the concept of laying in this article. The past layer, which we have already past, was the social layer. This is the layer where we laid down our connections that we have with each other. Game layer as he explains is the layer of the present of which we use it in combination with different dynamics to influence people’s behaviours in all aspects. Using 4 dynamics, Priebatsch presents the methods of how to manipulate/influence how people behave.

According to the article, the information presented made me very interested. But I felt like Priebatsch was trying to tell us how to influence people and how they behave using every day methods that are discreet and therefore you can get away with it. He presents our daily lives and all we do and how we connect with people as a game. I sadly admit that I am a Diablo3 player and the need for constant progression and how he presented it with the idea within WoW was absolutely priceless.

So I think Priebatsch is a dork. Why is he telling us how to influence people’s behavior? Werent we always taught not to try to change people and to leave people as they are and accept them?
Analyzing a bit deeper, I think his reference to games and current video games and connecting it to real life is pretty brilliant.

I will not make any decisions based on just reading this article. While I do agree with Priebastsch’s ideas, I do not find it relevant to my life. Sure it is true, we follow societal rules, but honestly what’s to stop me from not following the rules? Unconsciously, we all try to influence each other. When we are in love with something and get so excited about it, what’s the first reaction. To tell your best friend and you try to tell him that it’s the best thing in the world and he should try it too. But in this case its not a pyramid scheme like the new Body by Vi scam is like but just because you want to share your excitement. Can that be also classified as an attempt to change behavior?

Priebatsch, S. (2010). TED: Ideas Worth Spreading: Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world. Retrieved June 9, 2012, From: http://www.ted..._the_world.html

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  1. I am a little skeptical of Priebatsch's game layers model. I am not sure its sustainable. His gaming software has been bought by the university of louisville in kentucky and used there as part of new student orientation and in library services. What priebatsch talks about is what has been happening for the past decades throught marketing efforts, labelled as (marketing behavior). It would be interesting to see where game layering will go in the future, when it comes to online activity.
    Nazmi Kamal