Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Technology and Trends in Education - Social Media

Using Social Media to boost student employability

This blog discusses how employment skills have changed to adapt to the changing way that people do businesses. As educators we do have responsibility to teach and prepare students to have the required skills that businesses are looking for.

Twitter was used with an untraditional area study. The students were able to connect with professionals in the industry. Both industry professionals and students enjoyed the experience so much they went beyond the due date. Most students are aware of social media and use it. But most students are not well versed in using it professionally.

In today's highly competitive market, we need to provide our graduates with more tools to get them ahead of the competition. Social media has become another avenue to tap into the ever growing hidden job market which is becoming so important. A statistic came out over a twitter feed a few weeks ago stated that 72% of jobs now are posted over twitter. The responsibility lies with us the educators to ensure that our students have not only the knowledge skills but also essential skills to survive in this digital world.

What is your take on making social/digital media as part of the basic curriculum like email is an essential skill in todays world?


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