Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Technology and Trends - Social Media in Elearning

How to leverage Social Media into E-Learning

Social Media is something that we been talking about for awhile yet it is still a big monster that is being avoided. We should stop fearing it because its not going to go away. So why dont we leverage what we have.

We are now wanting information and we want everything in real time. The freedom of getting the information that we need. There are ways to use social media in elearning.
Adding speed to elearning
Social media is instant and there is no delay like asynchronous learning
No Distance
Social media erases geographical lines. The tools that are now available enable people to work together from any location
New way of collaboration
Because there is no barriers in terms of location
Everything is instant feedback and no lagging.
We can now collaborate from all corners of the earth
Encourages communication
Since social media is so instantaneous, we now need more communication.
Feedback is now fed to everyone is the course and not just one person

Opinion Piece:

I dont quite think that social media will replace LMS as they exist today. But i can see social media being a necessary companion to an online class. The points mentioned in the article all add to the positive methods of why educators should consider social media in curriculum.

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