Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Journal #4 - Final Reflection

To this topic, i can probably argue both sides - to the irrelevance of social media in the classroom and also how social media enhances learning.

I have honestly never used nor personally seen social media utilized in a class myself but from research and considering interactive curriculum, i think it is possible to integrate into education given the right environment and type of students. For some programs it would be a great way to connect graduating students to industry experts and research.  Other programs, students and teachers and connect with each other. However when using public social media services such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest we must be aware of FIPPA regulations and perhaps integrate existing plug i s and features within internal LMS.

Social media is great to connect, network and to receive up to date information. However we must be aware of the uncensored, unedited information that gets pushed out. There will be incorrect information to inappropriate. With higher ed, there is no way to shield our students from such extraneous data, so i really stress that internal social tools may be more appropriate.
Then i argue, but these is also so much valuable data out there and we should train our students to make the distinction between fact and gossip.

Research tells us that social media such as twitter and facebook has been used in classes?
·      Connecting with community/industry experts to network
·      Most up to date research, trends and issues (good for current events type)
·      Connecting with other students, cohorts, teachers

And why shouldnt we use social media?
·      Lack of control over content
·      Develop poor writing style/habit
·      Distraction and too much extraneous data
·      Lack of standardization
·      Violation of FIPPA
·      Lack of knowledge on pedagogical use

As an educational technologist, i am convinced that social media will become an essential skill to have such as email. But until the technology becomes stable and we learn how to use it so students and educators have a purpose for using the tools not just integrate it because it is the trend to do so, the role would be quite limited in the curriculum.

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