Sunday, July 1, 2012

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At the Blackboard World conference in 2008, shared the typical array of wizos and gadgets. Many of which were very fascinating. But one little simple Web 2.0 tool which was introduced (if not re-introduced) was the Clicker. In the broad sense, we categorize Clickers under Student Response Systems.

Clickers are simply response systems in which students can respond to polls, questions, quizzes etc using an input system. For those "early innovators" this little device has proved to be powerful in encouraging student response, increased learning and student engagement in the lessons.

Clickers can be used during the lesson to ask questions. Instead of asking the class verbally where it is likely no one will give an answer, using Clickers will certainly receive a response from the class.  In addition most types of clickers will give you instant results of what the class responded. As clickers can be completely anonymous, students would be more likely to participate. 

Clickers can be used in most any class given the creativity of the instructor and proper integration into the lesson can give students a different learning experience than without the technology. However, as with all technologies it is just a tool and ultimately it is up to the instructor to design a well thought out lesson that would be able to integrate the tolls to truly enhance student learning.


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  1. I liked the your webtool clicker idea. I've seen it used in classes and it is a good way to get responses instantly. I do agree with your comment about that it is just a tool and that the instructor should ultimately be responsible for the design of the lesson in order to achieve positive learning experience.